About me

Hey there!

I opened this website/blog to have an impact on others, sharing knowledge, good books and fitness tips, as well as, e-learning tools & websites, and entrepreneurial opportunities !

Many of my friends told me multiple times that I've had a great impact on them, and helped them grow and pushed them and today I want to do the same thing here, on the internet because why not! right?

I'm sharing all the great stuff that have had an impact on me and helped me grow, and I hope once you spent enough time on here, you'll shoot me an e-mail saying how the stuff I shared on here helped you, in any way.

So, stick around and check out the sections you may enjoy.

I've personally tried a few things for weight loss, learning languages (japanese), audiobooks, tips on weight-loss, etc..

I hope you'll find something interesting to you, that you'll be sharing with your buddies!

Don't hesitate, and shoot me an e-mail, that'll be fun to hear from you!

Have a good one,


What Can I Expect From Here?

Enjoy Learning?

On that page,
I share all the great e-learning sites I've used and enjoyed,
to learn japanese, personal finances, ...

I can't encourage you enough to check it out, I'm sure you'll discover very useful learning tools over there!

Like Reading?

Over in that section,
I share all the good books I've read (including Audible), and that you may also very much enjoyed..

From 'The Richest Man In Babylone', 'Animal Farm' or even 'Why Nation Fails', ..

Want to lose some weight?

I've been there!
(I just may write an e-book about it..)

Here I'll share all the stuff I've learned about nutrition, excercice, apps to use, the supposed 'calorie count' and all that..
As I myself was 255 lbs, and managed to drop my weight to a buck ninety!

If you want to shred some weight, you will surely enjoy this section


All I personally do during the day.

Morning routine, meditation, favorite youtubers, etc etc.. Miscellaneous stuff!

Online services?

All the websites I've used, and my review of those.. There'll be some interesting stuff there too! 

Gift ideas

In this ection, i'm sharing all the great stuff that i've used.. from my regular headphones to workout headphone, to all bunch of other stuff too! Hope you enjoy!

Everything Bitcoin

As I, you're surely discovering about Bitcoin and the euphoria surrounding it, right?

Discover my journey getting to learn about it, and its powers, on a special page,

and also on my YouTube channel where I talk about opportunities around Bitcoin

Want To Hear From Me?

I'd love to hear from you!

If you have any questions,

Don't hesitate!